First time in the world!

We tried the impossible

We made an IR of a real mello-W-tron! (the firs analog sampler that uses multiple tape and tape heads)

If you want your recordings sound like it is coming out of a vintage mello-W-trone  this is the one for you

With the mellotron IR will get that 3D analog lo-fi tape sound that puts the sound in a lo-fi 3D perspective 

In the demos we used The Mello-W-tron IR 70% wet after that came the free BPB Saturator plugin (Tube at 6 & Tape at 12)

(PS you may need to boost the bass to your taste)

We think we came very close!

You may want to sum it to mono, add the tape hiss and some tape wobble like Tape Wobbler Plug-in after the IR to come closer to the real deal!

Including Tape Hiss sample

Check out the demo! Please use at least headphones!

0:00 OFF

0:04 ON

0:15 OFF

0:21 ON

0:30 OFF

0:33 ON

0:42 OFF

0:54 ON

1:05 OFF

1:17 ON

1:33 OFF

1:40 ON

Instrument demo

Enjoy another rare PTF Reverbs release!

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