BEYER M160 RIBBON MIC IRS! Hendrix- Bonham Mic!


BEYER M160 RIBBON MIC IRS! Hendrix- Bonham Mic!

Here comes one of the best sounding Ribbon Mic ever made!

Vintage Beyerdynamic M160!

„Eddie Kramer, famed producer-engineer, recorded Jimi Hendrix’s vocals and amplifier with the beyerdynamic M 160 to eliminate the amount of drum and bass bleed into Hendrix’s live signal. Additionally, record producer Andy Johns selected the M 160 to obtain John Bonham’s massive drum tone for Led Zeppelin’s hit, “When The Levee Breaks.” Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin are just two of the many success stories of the beyerdynamic M 160“

You will come very close to that sound with our M160 IR!

Amazing on drums, vocals and electric guitar!

Check out OFF ON Demo and please use at least headphones!

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0:34 ON

24Bit/96kHz WAV File

Enjoy another rare PTF Reverbs Release

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