POST ROCK MARSHALL Guitar Strummer For Kontakt!


POST ROCK MARSHALL Strummer For Kontakt!

These AMPED E-GUITAR chords are so easy to play. You need only one finger, a keyboard, and NO guitar!

(No joke: gifted guitarists thought it was a real E-GUITAR performance.)

Lots of RoundRobins (10 RR x 3) 30 alternative samples per key(!) easily controllable articulations and a clever script so that the STRUMMING sounds real and authentic.

Here is the demo: (at the beginning of the demo you hear the "muted chords", at 0:30 "open chords")

Here are the main features:

- POST ROCK MARSHALL E-GUITAR Strummer for Kontakt

- 5.4.3 (48kHz/24bit)

- clear and easy to use interface - one octave for major chords / one octave for minor chords

- different properties of articulations controllable via key velocity

- easy control of playing sustain chord notes: Mod-wheel for SUSTAIN/black "c" for STOPing sustain with guitar noises

- an inspiring and helpful composition tool

- 30 alternative samples per key!

- Over 500 MB samples

More info:

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519 MB

POST ROCK MARSHALL Guitar Strummer For Kontakt!

I want this!