VENDER JAZZ BASS by PastToFuture (for Kontakt)

With 30 alternate samples per key, this is one of our very detailed scripted basses.

And the best part is of course the sound of this "Leo's" legend.

The Jazz Bass differs from the Precision Bass mainly in the electrical equipment, a narrower neck and the more asymmetrical shape of the body.

In our recording session We used our vintage RFT 4053 Tube Mic-Pre/DI from the good old 60s.

This VINTAGE BASS is an all-purpose weapon, so it is also very suitable for modern music styles.

Take a listen:

So we recorded this "gem of a bass" and cleverly scripted it into a perfect bass library.

The real strength of this bass guitar lies in its playability. No machine-gun effect thanks to Multi-Round-Robin.

The Analog taste gives the bass character and the flavor it needs for a realistic performance of a bass guitar.

This is how the bass cuts through your mix in a perfectly authentic way.

Here are the main features:

- clear and easy to use interface

- Real Multi-Round-Robin and articulations (30 Alternative samples per key/note)

- Kontakt 5.4.3 and above (48kHz/24bit)

- dead easy velocity control for a convincing natural-sounding bass performance! Playing hard: note with more "Precision" Attack / playing soft: slide tone

- clever script: Mod-wheel for SUSTAIN/ black "c" for STOPing sustain with humanized bass noise.

- Mix-ready (you get what you hear)

- Straight Into Tape (15 IPS)

More info:

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